What to Do if Your Business is High-Risk for ACH Processing

Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit is a very commonly used payment method in many online stores. It involves withdrawing funds automatically from an account processed by an ACH processor. This gives it an advantage in efficiency over many other sorts of payment types. As someone who runs a small business with an online component, it’s…

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High-Risk ACH Processing: What You Need to Know

ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments are used by many online merchants to process payments. ACH transactions are verified electronic transactions that confirm withdrawal from a customer’s bank account and receive the money through a payment processor. As a business, however, you may be worried that being classified as a high-risk ACH processing industry may prevent…

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ACH Payments vs Checks: When to Use Them

With businesses scrambling to optimize their stores for online purchasing methods, knowing the difference between these methods has become much more important. Automated Clearing House or ACH payments can make up a significant portion of your business’s transactions online. Optimizing your site for people who want to use an ACH transaction to pay for your…

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