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ACH Processing for “High-Risk” Businesses

Businesses accept payments in different ways depending on the industry they operate in. One method of payment that many businesses require is ACH payments. ACH is a method of payment that many people use regularly but may not fully understand. When paying through an ACH process, money is transferred directly from one account to another. 

With this definition in mind, it is easy to see how some businesses rely on a high-risk ACH merchant account to process payments securely. With significant amounts of money being transferred in one payment, businesses and customers want that transaction and all the associated information to be kept as safe as possible. Many industries depend on ACH payments and may be viewed as high-risk due to the nature of the industry.

When using a high-risk ACH merchant account, businesses can count on transactions being performed safely and quickly. With this quick processing through an internet merchant account, everyone will know that the payment was processed reliably.

High-Risk Businesses

Businesses that require a high-risk ACH merchant account tend to be found in certain industries that require a high amount of payments. Businesses that have annual memberships, offer financial services, or provide travel services may often require ACH payment processing.

Many businesses also require ACH payment processing to grow successfully. Legal services, pharmacy companies, and property rentals can require getting payments in large amounts regularly. Having a merchant account makes completing these ACH transactions a safe and quick process. Businesses and customers will know that the payment will be processed securely.

Businesses that people enjoy strictly for fun may also sometimes be considered high-risk, and may require a high-risk ACH merchant account. Penny auction sites, psychic services, and businesses selling tobacco products may require a lot of money to transfer. These transfers can happen rapidly and in quick succession and that can be accomplished with an internet merchant account.

Fast Processing

No matter the kind of high-risk business that a business owner runs, they can have access to quick processing that ensures that customers know that the payment has been processed accurately. Nobody wants to wait for a large payment to go through while the money is potentially sitting in an account.

This fast processing is also secure with a high-risk ACH merchant account. A lot of sensitive information is exchanged with every ACH payment. These payments can remain safe while also being processed quickly for an efficient payment method no matter how large the payment may be.


ACH payments are an important method of payment for many businesses. Having a high-risk ACH merchant account is important for many businesses to be successful. Businesses in any industry, from those providing necessities to those that are strictly for fun, can require ACH payments in order to grow and operate completely. Having an internet merchant account can ensure that the ACH payment will go through securely and quickly.  

To learn more about high-risk ACH merchant accounts or to sign up for a merchant account, you can visit or call (888)924-2743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, can help your business grow.      


  1. Gordon Green on October 14, 2021 at 2:39 pm

    I am an ISO who usually works in the credit card field. I have a few clients who have come to asking for ACH processing and I need some help with that. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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