Wireless Credit Card Processing

Mobile and Wireless Credit Card Processing

If you make sales on the road, regardless of whether you operate a mobile car wash, repair air conditioners on site, or sell products at trade shows, you need a way to accept mobile credit card payments on the go. Charge.com has the first-class wireless credit card processing services you need to process payments out in the field. Our portable credit card processing will improve your cash flow and even eliminate bad checks.

The wireless credit card processing services we offer are essential for successful businesses. If you want trouble-free mobile credit card processing solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We are proud of our 18 years of experience as the leading merchant account service provider, and we guarantee we can help make accepting payments for your mobile business fast and easy.

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Do you have employees out in the field? Enable them to accept credit card payments. They no longer have to waste time calling your main office to get authorizations for credit cards — they can use a wireless terminal, a laptop computer, or even their cell phone for secure credit card processing online.

Give your mobile business the advantage it needs by getting Charge.com’s wireless merchant account solutions. You can rest assured that with our state-of-the-art wireless credit card processing, Charge.com will satisfy all of your payment needs.


Benefits of our Portable Credit Card Processing Solutions

Our cutting-edge wireless credit card processing solutions help your business grow and stay competitive in its segment. The benefits include, but are not limited to:

Quick and easy setup

Hassle-free payment processing

Secure mobile payment processing

Acceptance of all major debit and credit cards

Increased cash flow and eliminate bad checks

Compatible with major mobile brands including iPhone and Android phones.

Connection on the go, acceptance of credit card payments, and increase in sales

Wireless Credit Card Processing for Secure Transactions

Charge.com has been offering a collection of mobile credit card processing solutions for more than a decade. When you choose Charge.com, you receive premier quality services and security from a credit card processing company that knows the industry inside and out.

Charge.com offers cost-effective merchant credit card processing services that are swift, secure, and easy to integrate. If your business does not have a fixed location and requires a portable method to accept credit card payments on the field, our mobile credit card processing services are an ideal way out to satisfy your needs.

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