E-commerce Credit Card Processing

Accepting Credit Card Payments for Small Businesses

iStock_000062469040_Small-squareMost customers these days expect to be able to pay online using their debit or credit cards. Because of this, it’s important to have a merchant account if you’re an entrepreneur with an e-commerce store.

During the last few years, the web has become more and more prominent in our lives, making it a popular platform for retail businesses to connect with their customers. However, in order to succeed and gain the trust of target customers, retailers need a reliable and efficient e-commerce credit card processing solution. That’s where Charge.com comes in. With our years of experience in the payment processing business, we have created the best solution that allows your business to function safely and effectively as an online retail store.

We at Charge.com have an all-in-one e-commerce merchant processing solution that enables you to monitor and manage transactions from diverse touch points with exceptional ease, including your e-commerce website. Therefore, if you leverage multiple procurement channels to sell your solutions, you get to save money because you are no longer required to hire multiple providers for payment processing.

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E-commerce Credit Card Processing

One of the most valuable services you must have when establishing an online business portal is e-commerce credit card processing. Without e-commerce credit card processors, your business could lose up to 80% of total sales. Online payments require a secure gateway and a secure “third party” payment processing system to protect from any fraudulent acts.

You’ll be ready to accept credit cards on your website after a payment gateway is established. This works by a customer using a card on the site and the card information then passing to the payment processor through a secure internet connection. This is called a credit card processing service and is a type of data routing that occurs when a customer uses their card to purchase an item on your website. When the information reaches the network, the client's credit card gets debited, and the business account of your online shop is credited. However, the gateway will charge some amount of money for the service offered.

It’s easy to see how e-commerce credit card processors can significantly enhance your online retail website. A secure payment gateway equals a secure transaction, and a secure transaction will drive more customer into your business.

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Reliable E-commerce Credit Card Processing

For your business to be successful online, it’s important to have a secure and reliable payment processing system. The experts at Charge.com are best suited to help your business find the best credit card processing options it needs. That is the reason every transaction you process through our solution is SSL secured with unimpeachable data security. Charge.com is the most trusted name for e-commerce credit card processing for any large or small business and we look forward to working with your merchant services so your business can be as successful as it can be.

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To summarize, it would be safe to say that if you are looking for a reliable e-commerce credit card processing solution without having to break the bank, your search ends at Charge.com!