How to Get ACH Payment Processing

One key to success for many businesses is being able to process payments made in several ways. Credit cards are a popular way that customers can choose to make payments, and many businesses can benefit by permitting even more selection for their customers. ACH processing, or automated clearing house processing, is a form of payment by which money is transferred directly from one bank account into another.

If you have a business that requires transferring large amounts of money quickly, it will benefit from an internet merchant service that can reliably complete transfers for even a high-risk ACH merchant account. By selecting the right merchant account provider, a business can process ACH payments made over the phone, online, by mail, or face-to-face, so customers can make payments in whatever way they are able to do so.

Many businesses require ACH processing to be successful. When a business tries to get a high-risk ACH merchant account from the wrong provider, they can be denied. Your internet merchant service should work with your business to provide the right processing service that your business requires.

Safe Processing For All Accounts

A high-risk ACH merchant account requires a high level of security. Choosing the right merchant account provider will help to ensure that every payment is moved safely from one account to another.

These services are available to businesses that require ACH processing. Even high-risk ACH merchant accounts can complete payments on the same day with the right merchant account provider.

These quick payments must be processed securely, whether payments made in person, by mail, online, or over the phone. Customers want to make payments in the way that works for them. And when a customer wants to pay you, for goodness sake let them!

High-Risk Businesses

Some industries are classified as “high-risk.” For businesses that rely on ACH payments in a high-risk industry, not having access to an internet merchant service can make being a successful business much harder. Businesses that fall under the high-risk industry category include dating services, currency exchange, and magazine subscriptions. eBay merchants and charity groups can also fall under the high-risk category. 

Getting a high-risk ACH merchant account can be difficult for many businesses if they choose the wrong merchant account provider. Not only do they have to worry about getting internet merchant services, but they may also have to work towards getting the processing amounts that their business requires. Having a provider that will work with them to make this happen can be a must for many businesses.  


For some businesses, being able to process ACH payments is a crucial requirement for success. For high-risk businesses, getting an internet merchant service to process their payments can be difficult without the right merchant account provider. Businesses that require high-risk ACH processing can get quality processing services from a provider that will work with them to meet their needs.

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