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Processing for High-Risk Businesses

ACHs can be a great way to process payments smoothly. Many people rely on ACHs to make payments, from direct deposit to making house payments. ACHs take money directly from one bank account to deposit it into another bank account. When ACHs work correctly, it is a hassle-free way to make payments. Many businesses use ACHs for payments from customers as well.   

Some businesses depend on ACHs to function properly. These businesses may rely on potentially high-risk ACHs to be processed. These businesses can struggle to find a payment processor that is willing to perform high-risk ACH processing to enable these businesses to thrive. Many processors may reject working with a business that wants to accept high-risk ACHs.

There are options for people who work in businesses with high-risk ACHs. Though some processors will not work with many businesses that are considered high-risk ACH, some processors are willing to work with businesses that others won’t, which can help ensure that the business runs smoothly.

High-Risk ACH Businesses

There are many businesses that, by the very nature of what they do, are considered a high-risk ACH business. These can include businesses that have annual memberships, that conduct auctions, or that engage in currency exchange, among many other businesses. Getting approved for high-risk ACH processing can be a challenge for these businesses since some lenders will not work with any business that handles high-risk ACHs.

These businesses often require ACH payments in order to function. Without getting approval for high-risk ACH processing, some of these businesses may never be able to grow as quickly within their field or with customers. These businesses need to be able obtain high-risk ACH processing services to continue to do business.

Some processors will not work with any business that is considered high-risk ACH and requires high-risk ACH processing or will restrict their work in other ways. Though some processors will work with businesses that require high-risk ACH processing and will help businesses in these fields grow and thrive. They are willing to work with your business to find what will work for you. 

High-Risk ACH Security

When engaging in high-risk ACH processing it is important to remember the security risks involved. It is essential to always make sure that any payment made through ACH is secure, even the high-risk ACHs, and it is crucial to keep information private.

By providing options to customers, businesses will seem more legitimate in the eyes of the customer, who will want to work with that business more. By being able to work with high-risk ACH’s, businesses can service more customers as well.    

For more information about high-risk ACHs or to sign up for a merchant account, visit or call (888) 924-2743. can work with you and help your business grow.  

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