Payment Processing

If you’re a merchant who sells products, you are engaged in “Payment Processing” in some form or another.  Payment Processing typically refers to the process of accepting credit cards either online or in person at your store location.  In order to get your customers funds from their account to yours requires the following process.

When a customer tries to pay you for products or services you provide, they often do so with credit cards.  If you sell product in a setting that requires you to swipe their credit card, you will need a physical credit card terminal.  If selling product online you will need a Virtual Terminal.  In each case, your customer either swipes their credit card or fills out their credit card info online and submits payment.

As soon as the credit card info is entered or swiped, the software in your machine or virtual terminal communicates with the card issuers system and first verifies the funds are available and then processes the payment which debits the customer’s account and electronically transfers funds to your account.  This whole process takes a fraction of a second and funds are usually deposited in your account the next day.

Payment Processing is an integral part of any business and making sure your merchant services provider has the resources you need to rely on is vital to your business. provides the highest degree of service, lowest fees and the most support. Contact Us to get started and start processing payments soon.