Accepting Credit Cards a Necessity for Vendors in New York

Everyone knows that New York, New York is a shopper’s paradise. Anything anybody could ever want is available for sale somewhere in this massive city. One can stroll through the shops and museums of Midtown, then swing up to The Bronx for some biscotti just like Nona used to bake. People can take quilting classes in Queens, and then grab a few stadium seats in Staten Island. Those who are feeling particularly adventurous can even head to Brighton Beach and sample some of the best borscht in the country. Businesses in the boroughs serve 9 million citizens and 40 million tourists annually, and in order to do so effectively, they have to be able to accept credit cards. Many cannot, though, and this greatly reduces their chances of success in the Big Apple.

Most people do not carry cash or checks with them anymore – especially when they travel. Instead, they put everything on plastic and only patronize businesses with credit card terminals. An enterprise unable to perform credit card processing – whether it is in-store, online, or mobile – will usually not garner a second glance from these potential customers. There are many factors that can prevent businesses from landing the necessary merchant accounts to process credit cards, too. If they are new businesses, for example, are high volume, or accept most of their remittances online, then they will be labeled as high risk ventures and denied merchant accounts from many credit card processors. In the event that the processors do grant these businesses accounts, outrageously high fees will be charged for payment management, which can force business owners to compensate by raising their prices. can help the city’s struggling companies access payment gateway services in a New York minute. They have merchant accounts available for both low and high risk businesses, the application process is free, and approval takes almost no time at all. also provides customers with the latest credit card machines – including mobile card readers for cellphones and tablets – and free technical support for any issues that pop up. Best of all, offers some of the most affordable rates for merchant credit card processing. Fees can be as low as 0.25% and transaction dues just $0.15. Other great benefits include the following:

  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Quick access to funds accruing in accounts
  • Security
  • No third-party fees for payment processing
  • Transactions processed in real-time
  • Both domestic and international merchant accounts available
  • Bigger market exposure for small/new businesses
  • Instant transaction approval
  • Detailed bookkeeping and transaction records without paperwork

For merchants all over the Five Boroughs, advantages like these are as welcome as cold Italian ice on a hot day. Affordable merchant accounts with fast credit card acceptance processing allows them to service more customers and stay competitive. If a business can make it here, it can make it anywhere – especially with help from

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