Are There Businesses Will Not Serve? will not serve any business operating illegally. However, we often extend our services to businesses considered too high risk by other merchant services.

Even a Combination of Risk Factors May Equal a Business Will Serve

New businesses are closely scrutinized because they lack a history. Combine that with poor credit and a business known to encounter high rates of fraud. Such circumstances may cause denial of service from other merchant account providers.  But has approved applications with all of those negatives present. Our merchant account requirements are more lenient than most other merchant accounts.

  • Being a new business does not disqualify you for a merchant account.
  • A poor credit rating is something we are generally able to work with.
  • Owning a legitimate gun shop or diet supplement store is a viable and legal business.

The combination of the three factors may move you into a risk category that other merchant account providers will not serve. And with other merchant account providers, you may also be out a $300.00 application fee, even if they are unable to approve your application. Unlike other merchant account providers, does not charge an application fee. May Serve Businesses Experiencing Excessive Levels of Chargebacks

Your business may enjoy the benefits of credit card processing terminals at your brick and mortar store, ecommerce store and/or mobile processing on the go. Those options are good for business and draw customers.

A chargeback occurs when an item is purchased at any of your processing terminals and later returns the item for a refund, reversing the charge. That process costs your business, the card issuer, and your merchant account provider money. Many legitimate businesses experience chargebacks, but if the number is excessive it can show a problem with the quality of your product or service. But can work with your company and may still be able to get your account approved. May Approve Businesses That Have a Poor Credit Rating

Many merchant service providers will approve your application for a card processing account if you have a productive mainstream business with a good reputation and credit rating. Of course, Charge.Com Merchant Services prefers those businesses as well, and they may qualify for lower rates. However, recognize that we are doing business in an imperfect world and accept the risks that are present more readily than others. believes past business misfortunes should not prevent opportunities for future success. Merchant Services extends credit card processing accounts to businesses despite a negative or two, because we know that your business has the potential to succeed.

Your no fee application for a Merchant Account is available at the link below:

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