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Your Website Accepts Credit Cards Through Our Merchant Account Payment Gateway

Business today means having a website easily found on the web, attention grabbing and easily maneuverer. If you are a retailer looking to get your share of online sales, you must make it easy for the customer to buy. That means accepting credit cards on your website.

What Is a Merchant Account Payment Gateway?

A Payment Gateway is a service we offer to our Merchant Account clients. Your e-commerce site will have a virtual shopping cart. Customers will choose items to purchase and move them to the cart. When ready, they proceed to checkout. The customer enters his or her credit card information and hits the appropriate buy or purchase button. That sends the credit card information through to the gateway to authorize and approve the transaction.

If the information entered on the purchase form matches the information on file with the credit card company, the transaction is approved and the credit card company releases the funds into your merchant account.

Your merchant account at is as safe as a bank and the same as money in your bank. We then transfer the funds into your actual bank account. You get the customer’s order information so you can process the order and send it out. You will want to add your customer’s information to your database for future contact.

Why Do I Need a Merchant Account Payment Gateway?

You may wonder why these extra steps are needed. Why not process the credit card directly with the credit card issuer?  It’s illegal.

You, the merchant, may not process credit cards directly for security reasons. The Payment Gateway encrypts all customer and credit card information so it is safe.

As the merchant, you want to make purchasing items on your website smooth and easy for your customers but just as important is safety. When you have your payment gateway through your merchant account with Your customers information is safe.

Can I Use My Merchant Account Payment Gateway for Phone and On-Site Purchases? Merchant Account Services Payment Gateway can be used for internet purchases which processes customer orders around the clock. You only need to fill the orders and ship them. However, if you also have a brick and mortar store, you will need to accept Point of Sale credit/debit cards.

That is not a problem because you will use the same payment gateway as you do online. will place a card terminal in your store. Customers can swipe their cards to purchase or insert if using a chip card. If you want to take phone orders, just key in the information and the same process of validation, approval and transfer of funds is followed.

You will grasp the process easily, especially after Merchant Services walks you through the process. We have support staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions.

Call Charge.Com on 1-888-924-2743 for a merchant account gateway.

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