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Your Small Confectionery Store Can Accept Credit Cards

There is virtually no business that is too small to accept credit card payments. It has long been a popular belief that credit card processing is reserved only for large businesses. Considering how much it used to cost to run credit card processing in a business, it’s easy to see why the assumption still exists. But times have changed and credit card processing has become popular among small businesses.

What happens when a card payment is accepted

Credit card processing involves many key players. The cardholder and the merchant are probably the most familiar. The cardholder pays for a product or service with their credit card, while the merchant sells it. The issuing bank is the bank that issued the card to the cardholder. The acquiring bank is the bank that holds the credit card merchant account for the merchant. A third party agent, the credit card processor provides the platform that facilitates payments. A gateway provider may also be necessary to connect the Internet to the traditional banking network, if the transaction is conducted online. And there are the well known credit card networks (e.g., Visa and MasterCard) that facilitate the payment networks globally. All these players work in tandem to ensure transactions are safe, secure, and fast.

Credit card payments begin as soon as the client’s credit card information is transmitted. Information transfer occurs after swiping magnetic stripe cards, tapping contactless cards, dipping EMV chip cards or using digital wallets. The payment information is sent to the credit card processor and forwarded to the issuing bank via the credit card networks. The issuing bank bears responsibility for approving or denying the transaction. The approval follows a thorough verification process that involves confirming card number validity and assessing the sufficiency of funds. The approval is sent to the processor. Approved transactions are settled, and funds are transferred from the issuing bank to the acquiring bank.

Benefits of card payments

Cashless payment transfers are slowly replacing traditional cash transactions. Both small and large businesses are adopting credit card processing and here are some of the reasons why your confectionery store should start accepting credit cards too.

  • Drives sales

If you operate a cash-only payment system, you lockout card users. Since the number of card users is on the rise and most shoppers prefer cashless payment, it’s prudent to adopt credit card payments. It’s bound to increase your sales. Moreover, the convenience of the system is attractive to clients.

  • It’s safe

Credit card payments undergo thorough scrutiny before approval. All transactions are verified by the issuing bank and any misinformation is flagged before the transfer of funds occurs. Credit card processing operates airtight security checks that reduce the probability of fraud. Moreover, walking around with cash makes you a target for thieves, but accepting credit card payments ensures your money stays safe.

  • Improves cash flow

Despite running a small confectionery store you need positive cash flow to remain afloat. Increased cash flow allows you to cover operational expenses and keep your business running. With credit card payments transactions are quick and all funds are deposited in the business account. There or no delays and no failed transfers to frustrate your operations.

For more information on how your small confectionery store can accept credit cards, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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