Your Home Business Can Accept Credit Card Payments. Here’s How:

Thanks to the Internet, many businesses of all types are now being managed from home. Home-based businesses are a great boost to the quality of life for todays’ entrepreneurs. Running a business from home does not mean limiting your access to customers. After all, a web-based retailer reaches the world instead of just their local community. And some service providers meet their clients at a home or business location, so they don’t necessarily need their own separate business address. Goods from the kitchen, home art studio, or craft room can be picked up at your door, or you can deliver them. Every one of these types of business has the potential to increase their profits by accepting credit card payments, if they don’t already. Here’s how: apply for a merchant account, which is what you need to process credit card payments.

Virtually any home-based business can accept credit card payments

Almost any home-based business can accept credit card payments for goods and services online, by fax, over the phone, face-to-face and by mail order. This remarkable and secure credit card process works automatically for website orders 24 hours a day and manually for over-the-phone, mail-order and face-to-face orders using Internet processing software. Payment is automatic within seconds; you don’t have to do anything except fulfill the order. If the product, like ebooks, subscriptions, memberships and more can be delivered over the web, then that can also be automatically delivered. This is the most versatile credit card processing system because it works brilliantly for any and all transactions.

Many home-based businesses can also benefit from wireless mobile credit card processing. It can work with your smartphone so that you can receive credit card payments at your door, at the customers’ door, at flea markets, at a farmers market, on the street, or anywhere else that works for your business.

Accept credit card payments with no upfront fees

You could pay a lot of money for application fees, equipment, software, set-up fees, technical assistance and more. Some companies will charge you to cancel service. Home businesses that are just getting started might think they don’t have the cash flow for a merchant account provider. Of course, that means they can’t reach the masses so their business can’t grow. But there are some merchant account providers that don’t charge you anything to get set up for processing credit card payments. They don’t charge for the application, the equipment, the software, the set-up, or the technical assistance. And this doesn’t mean that the provider won’t have some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry.

You probably don’t want to wait a week or more for the money to appear in your bank account so we make sure that, you will normally see your money in your account within one to three days. This allows you the opportunity to grow your business, keep your cash flow moving and satisfy your customers.

What Is the Best Small Business Credit Card Processing Option?

Being able to accept payments is a standard need for most small businesses. Unless you can process those credit card payments yourself, you’ll need a trusted partner to vet and process payments for you so that you can get on with running your business. But with so many options and home business credit card processing companies out there, where do you start?

It’s an important decision, too. The best payment processing for small businesses could help you meet the demands of your business while also helping you save money on processing fees and reducing the time that it takes to get paid, so choosing the right payment processing for your home business is not a decision to be taken lightly. 

What To Look For in a Credit Card Processing Company

While any credit card processing company can help you process those payments, only the best payment processor will accept all types of payments, such as debit cards, checks, ACH and other payment protocols. Furthermore, some payment processing companies may only provide services for in-person or online payments, while you may need a partner that can do both.

Beyond the types of payments that you can process, other important considerations include the fees you’ll pay, which isn’t just limited to setup fees. In fact, many online-only processors may set up an account for you at no charge at all, only to stick you with steep processing fees for every transaction. You may have saved on those setup fees up front, but you’ll be paying for it each time you have a charge to process.

Common fees include an interchange fee and assessment fee (which are typically standard across different providers), as well as a markup fee and any flat fees on top of the standard rate. For some home business credit card processing companies, this is where they make all their money. It might not sound like much, but 10 or 20 cents extra in fees on each transaction can represent hundreds at the end of the month, with an even bigger impact if you sell lower-priced goods or services.

You must accept credit cards as payment if you want to compete and succeed in todays’ marketplace. Now you can. Here’s how: for more information about how your home based business can accept credit card payments, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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