Your Business Can Accept Credit Cards Online

It’s easier than you think! Many small business owners shy away from offering credit card payment facilities because they think the set-up is complicated, or that they’re too small, or that the charges will be too high, or that their margins are too slim. But a quick run-through of the benefits can dispel these concerns.

Advantages of Accepting Online Credit Card Payments

Meet customer expectations: With the average American now carrying at least 3 cards, it’s clear that customers expect to be able to use them to pay. If you’re a cash/check-only business, you may find customers moving elsewhere.

Trust and legitimacy: Customers trust the credit card company and the cards they carry. This faith can be transferred onto your products and services when they spot the card logo on your website. After all, if Visa and MasterCard are vouching for you by allowing you to accept credit cards, then they can trust that your business must be legitimate.

Higher revenues and sales: Whether you sell in-store, online or on-the-go, credit card payment facilities help to boost your sales and revenues. Studies have proven that, statistically speaking, when customers pay with a credit card instead of cash, they are more likely to make a purchase, and that they will spend more money when they do make a purchase.

Improved cash-flow and accounting: Credit card payments are available in your bank account quickly. This enables smoother and faster cash flow, helps with planning and strategy for your business, along with expansion, diversification and consolidation.

How To Accept Card Payments Online

Analyze the nature of your business and the typical target customer profile. This helps you to stay in sync with your customer and the latest business trends in your particular sector. To this end, you need to keep a few tips in mind. You need to ensure that you select a merchant account provider that provides 24/7/365 customer support. Ensure a robust security and privacy policy, with strong encryption and fraud detection and prevention.

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