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Writers and Bloggers Are In Need of Excellent Online Merchant Services

Writers and bloggers are small, independent business owners who employ the Internet as their most important tool. They go online to find work, message editors, complete their research, submit final drafts, and even display their finished products. For them, the Internet is invaluable because it allows them to carry out labor quickly and maintain a virtual office, so they can turn in their compositions ahead of schedule (and the competition) while reducing overhead. Since the Internet is the reason they can finalize work rapidly, one would assume that writers and bloggers would also bill their clients online in order to get paid faster.

Unfortunately, many currently lack the capability to charge their customers and accept payments online. Most can only send out invoices via email, and endure an agonizing wait for remittances in the post. The reason they cannot utilize the Internet to accept credit cards and other forms of payment is because they do not have the merchant accounts necessary to do so. Those accounts are managed by credit card processing companies, which often deem Internet-based businesses as being high risk for a number of reasons. When the payment processors actually do grant online merchant accounts to writers and bloggers, they can be more burdensome than helpful. The processors charge the wordsmiths enormous fees to run their credit card payment information through the processor’s own account. They can also hold onto the funds collected in their clients’ names for indeterminate periods of time.

All of this would normally spell doom for struggling authors of web content, however, a hero has emerged in this tale to save writers and bloggers from the clutches of other nefarious credit card processors. believes that just because businesses are small, new, have some bad credit, or are conducted over the Internet, that does not mean that they should be automatically denied merchant services. has an abundance of high risk merchant accounts available for their clients, and it costs absolutely nothing to apply for one. Once approval is granted – which happens very quickly – customers can start processing payments within the next 24-48 hours. In addition, gives each client their own merchant account, so the business can do payment processing without having to pay steep fees or suffer through interminable financial holds. Some of the other terrific advantages to using include:

• Security
• FDIC Insured accounts
• Real-time payment processing
• Instant transaction approval
• Check verification
• Rates as low as 0.25%
• Transaction fees as low as $0.15
• Free credit card processing equipment, free set up, and free 24/7/365 technical support can also provide their clients with the latest in payment processing technology – the Virtual Terminal. It can keep detailed records of each transaction, receive orders online, submit invoices, and be programmed to carry out automatic billing for the accounts of regular customers. With this amazing timesaver and all of their other great benefits, can keep many writers and bloggers from having horror stories about inferior payment processing services.

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