Why Your Sports Center Needs Credit Card Processing

Maintaining a regular and healthy cash flow is what sustains your sports center and helps it to grow. Good management not only benefits the business, but also helps ensure that your clients stay loyal and enjoy your facilities to have a hassle-free sports experience. Handling everyday business finances is probably not the reason you got into this business, but it’s necessary for instilling trust, building your reputation, and sustaining your sports center.

Many people prefer not to carry large amounts of cash when visiting a club or sports center in particular, since they don’t want to carry anything extra while active, and leaving valuables in the locker room can make some people uneasy. Additionally, your staff and your finance department may not find it easy to make regular trips to the bank to deposit cash or checks. Another major pain can be following up on late or missing dues. Your sports center may also have membership fees, discounts, one-time user fees, or guest fees. Credit card payments make it much more convenient and easy for your members to pay their membership fees, pay for coaching, kits and products, tickets and events, and training or certification.

Credit card payments help your sports center to:

  • manage your membership fee payments
  • provide different subscription options like annual, monthly, half-yearly or quarterly memberships
  • With your customers’ permission, allow recurring payments to be made at regular intervals, without you or them having to lift a finger
  • ensure secure payment through debit or credit cards
  • provide a club-shop that retails sports equipment, tickets, and merchandise
  • pay for extras like registration, summer or holiday camps, events, tickets and participation fees for matches and tournaments, fund-raising, sports kits, equipment, and special training 
  • allows members to pay in time and for the services they want

Online payments and registrations have become much more popular today. This makes the entire process much more streamlined, efficient, smooth and reliable. You can also invest in the right software to generate reports, give you updates and install standard instructions regarding regular payments, or purchases. If you run a small center, online payments and credit/debit card payments make life easier for the limited staff.

It’s important to select the right credit card processing company to help you to manage your business. Some sports center managements are reluctant to contract credit card processing companies because they are worried about fees or other issues. The solution is to do your own research and find the one that best fits your unique requirements, preferences, and budget. You also have to decide on the kind of equipment you need – terminals, point of sale systems, and mobile processing options. Some companies will provide the equipment of your choice to use free of charge with your account. Look for a company that offers fast and easy setup that won’t disrupt your business day. Another important factor is whether they offer 24/7/365 reliable and prompt customer support just in case you want extra help have a question, or encounter any kind of problem at all.

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