Why eChecks are important to online businesses

Whether you’re using eChecks or trying to figure out how to process them on your business’s website, eCheck services are an important part of conducting merchant services online as a small or large business. Especially during the coronavirus lockdown when internet services are prioritized, it’s important to know what eChecks are and how to accept eCheck payments.

What is an eCheck?

EChecks allow businesses to withdraw money from customers’ checking account, with their permission, of course, by taking their check information online or over the phone. This can be an ideal option for businesses that are unable to obtain a credit card merchant account, because it it is typically much easier to be approved to accept eChecks. Additionally, it is an important addition to any online business, because some customers may not have a credit card. This is also an excellent method for merchants to use when receiving recurring payments, since, unlike credit cards, checking accounts never expire.

How can your business start accepting eChecks?

The fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to start accepting eChecks is to click on this link to Sign Up to Accept eChecks. Still, shopping around is always a good idea, even if it’s only to confirm that you have already found the best deal. In that case, make sure that, in addition to the lowest rates, the account can also provide same-day funding, and will include the ability to accept eChecks both online and over the phone.

The Takeaway

ECheck services are essential to any business during the COVID-19 quarantine in order to give your customers another option to conduct business with you. This is especially true for businesses that offer subscription services that customers will pay for on a recurring basis.

eCheck services give merchants the ability to process payments quickly and easily and may even be the only option for some business-types, as well as for some of their customers.

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