Why Businesses Need an Independent Sales Organization

Small businesses need internet merchant accounts to process their customers’ credit and debit cards. These accounts also provide other services. Many businesses don’t know what an independent sales organization is and how they are connected to internet merchant accounts.

Define Independent Sales Organization (ISO)

An independent sales organization or ISO offers businesses the ability to process credit card transactions. Independent sales organizations partner with one or more financial institutions to provide this service. Because they may represent multiple processors, this means that they have the ability to offer the best possible deal tailored to each individual merchant.

Why businesses need an ISO

Independent sales organizations may offer many different services to businesses of any size, in addition to merchant accounts.

ISOs can also provide software and hardware to augment a business’s ability to conduct online business. Credit card swipe machines can be updated into more advanced POS systems – some can help businesses track orders and manage inventory. Businesses that want to improve their versatility can also get mobile-optimized payment options installed through an ISO.

This includes being able to accept customers’ payments from a mobile phone, as well as upgrading an online store with mobile payment options for the customer.

ISOs may offer other services as well. For example, at the time of this writing, Charge.com offers eCheck services, debit card processing, ACH services, and free online shopping cart software among other things.

The Takeaway

An independent sales organization offers not only the payment systems to process electronic card payments but also other services that can help a business refine their sales tactics.

Visit Charge.com or call (888) 924-2743 to see how an internet merchant account can improve a business of any size as well as browse options for software and hardware options.

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