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Who Needs a Mobile Credit Card Reader?

A mobile credit card reader is an advantage for businesses on the move. Is it worth having this mobility in a single location like a brick and mortar store? The answer depends on how the business wants to accept card payments, the size of their premises in which they want to do this, and other particular details about their business and customers.

The reasons for mobile card payment facilities

There are different reasons why a brick and mortar business might prefer to use mobile credit card readers. Even though a business has a physical location, doesn’t mean that they aren’t mobile. Many businesses offer delivery services, from fast food companies to furniture retailers. Allowing customers to pay by card upon delivery using a mobile card reader offers better service and convenience for both business and customer. Many other businesses frequently travel to expos, festivals and other events where they sell their goods and services.

Mobility in card payment devices is also useful on a smaller scale. A business might want to offer card payment facilities throughout their premises, instead of only at their POS stations. This is particularly useful for businesses with large premises or those in the service industry, such as restaurants, who deliver the bill and (and card payment device) to their customers’ tables.

How do they work?

Mobile credit card readers work in much the same way as any other card reading device. The major difference is that most merchants prefer to supply their own smartphone or tablet to use in conjunction with the card reader. In that case, the card processor is an app that can be installed on the smartphone or tablet, and the card reader is a small dongle-like device that connects with the smartphone or tablet through the headphone jack or via Bluetooth.

Because the card processing relies on the connectivity of the smartphone or tablet, credit card payments can be processed at any location as long as there is mobile network availability. Mobile credit card processing apps often also offer additional features and functions.

The benefits of using mobile credit card readers

Mobility is not the only advantage when it comes to mobile credit card payment facilities. Here are some of the main benefits of businesses choosing mobile credit card readers to accept payments at their brick and mortar store.

  1. Extra features and functions

Many mobile card payment processor apps offer additional functionality that lets your smartphone or tablet perform like a complete POS system. Accounting and inventory tools are available with some mobile card reader apps.

2.   No hunting down customers for due payments

When delivering goods and services it is better to accept payments directly upon delivery. A mobile card reader allows this direct payment, avoiding the necessity of later contacting and billing customers.

  1. A mobile card reader is probably offered by your current Merchant Service Provider

As a business with a brick and mortar store you may already have a merchant account with an MSP for your current card payment processing.

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