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Which Businesses Get the Most from Accepting Credit Cards?

Credit card merchant accounts can help a wide variety of businesses. The ability to take credit card payments opens up a whole new class of customers and is a great way to increase revenue and sales. No matter what industry you are in, your business can benefit from adopting credit card payment processing. Let’s talk about some great industry-specific perks that credit card processing can bring.


Retail is the industry that most obviously benefits from credit cards. By accepting credit cards, it is easier than ever to start a retail business and get it off the ground. One major benefit credit cards bring to the retail sphere is advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems. POS systems can process major credit card providers quickly, securely, and efficiently. Modern POS terminals also have capabilities for contactless payment methods or using smartphones for making payments.

Moreover, most retail consumers make payments with credit cards, so going without processing capabilities in the retail sector locks retailers out of a wide customer base. Accepting card payments can help drastically increase sales and revenue. Contactless and smartphone payments are other features that add to the convenience of the retail experience, along with eCommerce solutions for online retailers. By accepting credit cards, practically anyone has the resources to start a successful online retail store; but without accepting credit cards, success as an online business is virtually impossible.

Professional Services

Professionals that offer services to clients, such as cleaning, printing, maintenance/repair, and advising can benefit from credit card processing by giving customers extra ways to reimburse professionals for their services. Electronic invoicing can be useful for solo professionals or large organizations that offer services to clients by giving mobile payment options and give customers benefits by allowing them to check accounts online and receive reminders about payment schedules.

Things like mobile credit card payments allow professionals to take payments on the go, whether it’s at a customer’s house, at a trade show, or in an office.


No matter if you run a full-scale 5-star establishment or a local fast-food joint, accepting credit card payments is a smart choice for restaurant owners. Credit cards simplify the payment system and can help restaurants keep track of payments, expenses, and tips for servers and other staff. The wide availability of cards means that customers will make credit card payments for even small purchases.

Credit card payments also make it easier for customers to split up larger orders. Rather than handling cash and change, credit cards can be charged for exact amounts, which allows you to divide order tickets into multiple payments.


Many businesses types can benefit enormously by taking advantage of credit card payment processing. Whether you need new payment methods for a new business or want to change your existing payment structure, adding credit card payment processing gives more flexibility and can greatly increase revenue. The fact of the matter is that most consumers prefer to make credit card purchases, so if you are not taking advantage of them, you are going to fall behind.

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