When Will I Get my Money?

Nowadays, almost everyone shops online, and even those who shop in person prefer to use credit and debit cards instead of cash. For both business owners and customers, there’s an increasing concern about credit card fraud and identity theft, so having a reliable method to process card payments is a crucial part of any business. Customers will not buy from a vendor that doesn’t guarantee their security, and for Charge.com the security of the data of its vendors and their customers is their number one priority.

Charge.com offers the service you’re looking for. It facilitates three payment options:

  • debit and credit cards online,
  • debit and credit cards in person, and
  • checks through phone, fax, or email.

All these services are affordable for vendors, with a charge as low as 15 cents for card transactions. Checks are processed for fees as low as 5 cents per check.

Best rates, best service

Charge.com has been rated as the #1 Merchant Account Provider for six years in a row. It has received accolades from companies such as Apple and AOL. These are entities well known for the stringent cybersecurity standards, so vendors can relax knowing their card processing is in safe hands.

Most card processing providers take a week or two to approve customers’ credit and debit cards. Charge.com processes approvals in seconds, allowing customers to go straight to check-out and assuring vendors of quick payment. Once the cash has passed through Charge.com, it will reflect in the vendor’s account within 24 to 72 hours. This is much faster than the typical payment processor, which could take up to weeks or even months to send you your money!

In addition to fast, thorough service, Charge.com offers the best prices in the market. For a limited period, they are even offering a low cost guarantee. It’s Charge.com’s way of assuring vendors that they really do have the most competitive prices.

Use any account to receive payment

Certain online services restrict the banks that vendors can use to withdraw funds. This isn’t the case with Charge.com. This provider is dedicated to their client’s convenience, so they will deposit funds in any account the vendor prefers to use.

This payment provider is also an equal-opportunity service in terms of business genres. They offer services to any kind of business, even those that other providers term as high-risk. Charge.com is even willing to serve vendors that have bad credit ratings. They understand that no one can’t improve their credit without viable income, and they are glad to help enterprising vendors earn some.

To start putting some money into that bank account, sign up today by calling 1-888-924-2743 toll-free, or visit www.charge.com.

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