What to Look for in a Merchant Application

If you run a business that has an online component, you can select a merchant application that will give you a deal on fees and provide all of the services that you need to process your customers’ credit card payments.

Not all merchant account providers offer all services so it’s important to shop around for the best fees and find a merchant account provider with all the services you’re looking for. Financial experts agree that even after the quarantine ends, customers will expect to have more options for online payment services. Find a merchant application that will support this increased demand.

Adjust for your history

When you are considering a merchant application for your business, they will look at your financial history to determine your rates, as well as any additional fees that you need to confirm before you sign a contract.

If your financial history isn’t great, you could run into some trouble with these fees, since the merchant application provider may consider you a high-risk customer.  It may be necessary to adjust your expectations for your merchant application contract, Especially if you have a bankruptcy on your financial record from within the last ten years.

Some merchant account providers may be willing to negotiate with you, particularly if your business will be a high-volume client. Shop around to compare merchant prices.

Important features

Not all merchant applications are made equal. Understand what features are important to you so that you can choose the ones that will give your website business the biggest boost.

Shopping carts and card logos are two such features. Shopping carts give your users the ability to buy. They can accumulate products in their shopping cart and pay for them all at once. This feature is a necessity in the modern online marketplace.

Displaying the major credit card logos may not be as obvious but they are extremely important. You may have seen these on sites without thinking about them: they’re little pictures of the Visa logo, the MasterCard logo, and logos for other accepted card brands.

These card logos on your site do a couple of things. Immediately, they let your customers know what cards they can use on your website. Even more importantly, they make your site look professional. The card logos give consumers a feeling of assurance that your payment services are secure, legitimate, and accredited.

The Takeaway

When selecting a merchant application to accept credit cards from your customers, it pays to think about what your customers will be seeing. By looking for the best rates, you can reduce your fees, and by selecting the right features you can make a vast improvement to your whole business.

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