What is an Internet Merchant Account and How Does it Work?

Opening a business has many steps and can include the need to answer many questions. One of these questions is, what is an internet merchant account? Knowing the answer to this question can help your business grow and be more successful.

A merchant account is what enables a business to charge a credit card. And an internet merchant account is any merchant account that has been configured to accept credit cards online. The benefits of this are clear. Many people want to make payments with a credit card, and when your business accepts these payments, your business can grow.

Besides knowing the answer to what is an internet merchant account, it can also help to know how one works. When your customers choose to charge their credit cards, each payment will be processed securely and quickly for effective processing. This will happen with each payment, no matter the point of sale, which can help to keep customers (and you) satisfied with your business.

Business Growth

When a business accepts and processes credit cards, that business can grow rapidly. Studies show that customers are statistically more likely to make a purchase when they use a credit card, and to spend more money when they do make a purchase, as compared to customers who pay with cash. Many customers prefer to pay with a credit card, but even customers without a preference may not have the option of paying with cash if they do not have it. And when it comes to paying online, paying with a credit card can be far more practical than sending a check in the mail.

This increase in income and cash flow that can result from accepting credit cards can help your business increase its offerings, reach more customers, and even expand to new physical locations. As a business grows, it can also accept credit cards in different ways. A customer will be able to charge a credit card in person, online, over the phone, by mail, or with a cell phone or tablet, and can know in each case that their payment will be processed safely and quickly. This trust can help your business as it grows to reach more customers.

No matter how big your business grows, you and your customers can trust that payments will be processed securely, quickly, and accurately every time. The right merchant account provider will always provide high-quality processing abilities for small and big businesses alike, in all industries.

Effective Processing

Once you know what is an internet merchant account, you may also want to know how the processing takes place. When a customer chooses to charge a credit card, both you and your customer want to know that their information will be securely and quickly processed, so understanding how it works can help.

With all of the sensitive information that is processed when a credit card is used, your customer wants to be certain that their information will be safe. With the right merchant account processor, both the business and the customer can know that the payment information will be secure with every payment, no matter the point of sale.

Payments will be processed quickly to ensure that the payment has been processed effectively. There will be no waiting around for the transaction to be confirmed. Having a merchant account can help your business succeed in many ways.


Knowing how to answer the question, “What is an internet merchant account?” can help your business be successful in many ways. When a customer can charge a credit card, it can increase the income and cash flow to your business when more customers spend more money. Payments will also be processed quickly, securely, and accurately to keep transaction information safe.

To learn more about what is an internet merchant account or to sign up for a merchant account now, you can visit Charge.com or call (888)924-2743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, Charge.com can help your business grow and succeed.   

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