What Credit Card Checkout Options are Available for my Small Business?

There are lots of different ways to define a small business. It may be the volume of your sales, the number of staff you employ, or even the size of your store. However you categorize yourself, it helps to have multiple avenues for your customers to pay you.

Small businesses don’t often take checks, so your business is probably a cash and/or card type of entity. The Payment Card Industry categorizes most small businesses at Level 4 which means they have less than 20,000 credit card transactions in a year. If this applies to you, then you have four checkout options.  You may want to consider finding a merchant processor that offers all of the ones you want in one package.

Stationary readers attached to the cash register

If you have a physical store, or if your business frequents trade fairs, you could get a standard terminal that has a card slot. You (or your customers themselves) can swipe their credit cards when they make purchases. This can be bulky, and it can also be cumbersome if you have a long line of customers, since it can be tricky for customer self-checkout.

Portable electronic card readers

Another popular choice is a card-reading device that your staff can carry around. These are frequently used at eateries, gas stations, or businesses where your staff needs to be on site. Delivery men and women, plumbers, electricians, and other processionals use them when they have to visit a customer’s house. You should probably make sure you keep a close eye on the physical device so that it doesn’t get stolen.

Mobile checkout for phones and tablets

An easier option for portable payment is to install a mobile app in your service team’s phone or tablet. Many payment processors offer apps at no additional charge. It’s a good choice security-wise, because your staff would be far more careful with their personal phones than they are with an electronic card reader, and because even if a criminal got hold of your employees phone, they wouldn’t have the access credentials to sign into the software. Also, it gives your employees less gear to lug around.

Online checkout for web-based stores

If you’re making sales online, then the best checkout choice is an online shopping cart. Consider finding a merchant processor that offers a free cart compatible that you can use on your website. After checkout, your customer will be able to check out right on their browser.  could happen right on your website or your customer could be transferred to the processing company’s website. It all depends on your own preference as the store owner.

The merchant processor will safely and instantly verify the customer. If the transaction was approved, then the cash will then typically be available to you within 24 to 72.

For more information on credit card checkout options, or to sign up for a merchant account, call (888) 924-2743 or go to Charge.com.

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