We’re Ready for You!

Our customers know all that we’re capable of delivering — now it’s your turn to find out! If you’ve wanted to set up better merchant credit card processing, we’re here for you. Get ready to have all you need in terms of merchant services. We have contract flexibility and an easy setup (which we won’t charge you for, by the way). Discover the merchant services company that will help you with what you really need — us.

Get the very best in Internet merchant accounts; you know it’s time. Also, say Yes to automated processing for Web orders, as well as to manual processing for those that come through email, the phone, or the mail. Our company expands your means for reaching customers — forget about pulling back in this respect.

We have the solutions you’re looking for: easy-to-use virtual terminals, customer support, and contract flexibility. Oh yes, and a free setup so that you can start your new services with your best foot forward. With great Internet merchant services nicely in place, your site will be able to handle customer orders at any time of the day. Gain indispensible services, like wireless credit card processing, from dev.charge.com. We’re ready for you.

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