Using Mobile Phones for Credit Card Processing

Trade is essential for any society, and having a simple means of exchange makes life easier for everyone. Cash is a great way to place a workable value on goods and services. However, it does have some challenges. It’s bulky, especially for expensive purchases. And with more and more people switching to credit cards, it’s quickly becoming uncommon.

To accept card payments in person, a seller needs to use a credit card reader. This electronic keypad might be a portable unit, or it may be a slider attached to the cashier’s till. There’s an often better option though. Customers can pay right on your mobile phone or tablet.

It’s safer

One of the biggest concerns when using a credit card is that someone might attach a skimmer to your card reader. These skimmers are barely notice-able, and they can collect your details and be used to forge a dummy card. The dummy can then be used to impersonate you, rack up some heavy bills, and it may even infiltrate your bank account.

Mobile card readers have additional levels of encryption, and because the payment is contactless, your card remains in your hand at all times. With mobile payment, each procedure is individually encrypted, so even if criminals gather any information, they can’t re-use it for another transaction.

It’s more convenient

Swiping hardware that is installed on a till is quick and handy. But in other scenarios like restaurants, gas stations, or outdoor events, businesses have to use portable keypads, which can be quite bulky. This applies equally to sales teams that have to go door to door, or blue collar businesses like plumbing, electricals, or landscaping.

For these types of work, not having to bring that extra keypad saves time, energy, and storage space. Instead, the seller can install a card processing app on their mobile phone and use that to accept payments. It’s easier for everyone, including the customer, and it cuts the expense of acquiring and maintaining multiple electronic keypads as well.

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