Do you have an on-the-go business? Mobile credit card processing using a cell phone gives business owners the freedom to transact business anywhere. Here’s how you can secure this advantage for your business.

How mobile credit card processing works

As with all credit card transactions, you need a merchant account to accept credit cards as payment for goods and services. With Charge.com, you are issued a credit card terminal, just as you would have in a brick and mortar store. The difference is this terminal is wireless, tiny and fits into a smart phone.

To accept a credit card as payment, swipe the card through the card reader and then enter the transaction amount. The customer information, card issuer, and transaction amount is transmitted to the card processor.

The card processor transfers data to the card issuer who must authorize the transaction and send the okay back to the credit card processor. The business owner receives the authorization and automatically issues a receipt to the customer for you.

The whole transaction takes seconds to complete. The money is in your account usually within 48 hours, if not sooner. Authorization for all credit card transactions can be processed from multiple smartphones in the hands of multiple employees.

Mobile credit card processing eliminates paperwork and improves cash flow

With mobile credit card processing, you avoid problems:

  • Never again prepare and mail an invoice;
  • Never again wait for payment to arrive by mail;
  • Never again deal with bad checks or declined credit cards;
  • Never again wait 30 to 90 days to have your money in your bank account;
  • Never again manually enter customers’ payment information.

Mobile credit card processing improves the cash flow for those businesses that need liquidity the most. Service providers from all trades can be paid faster with mobile credit card processing. Fast payment means money to buy more material for the next job and to put toward personal household expenses.

Mobile credit card processing gives you access to more customers

There are many kinds of small business owners that previously had to operate only with cash – and this meant missing out on sales. Many shoppers enjoy buying from small businesses, especially for seasonal products. Most days a farmers market, country auction, craft fair or events with vendors can be found within a short driving distance. Buyers attend in droves to find treasure while enjoying the festive atmosphere.

It’s fun to go home with something you never dreamed you wanted until you saw it. But if the seller did not have mobile credit card processing, their customer may have walked away empty handed.

Mobile credit card processing will allow you to use your cell phone to expand the contact list that matters the most: your credit card customers.

Why wait when it’s so easy and inexpensive to set up a merchant services account using mobile credit card processing? Sign up now and call Charge.com at 1-888-924-2743 or visit https://www.charge.com/


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