THREE REASONS WHY A MERCHANT PROCESSING ACCOUNT BENEFITS YOUR BUSINESS equips retail businesses with secure and reliable merchant account credit card processing capabilities. Customers will be pleased to know that by using a merchant account the vendor protects the security and integrity of their information. And vendors will love these three benefits merchant accounts offer their businesses:

  1. Save time during customer transactions

In retail businesses, a lot of time is spent collecting cash from customers. If the business runs a physical store, the checkout process slows down when customers pay cash. The cash has to be collected, counted, and change issued. If the business converts to an electronic keypad system for processing cards, it shaves time off each transaction. This can accumulate into hours by the end of the week.

Online customers value quick and safe payment. If a customer must manually input their credit card information and wait for verification, it takes much longer than the instant, automated processing done by merchant accounts like

  1. Process orders from overseas

Merchant accounts help vendors to seamlessly operate their businesses regardless of distance, time zones, or currency differences. Customers sometimes live outside the country and they need an easy way of paying the vendor or converting their currency, and paying by credit card converts the currency automatically–and typically at no additional cost to either the merchant or the customer.

Merchant accounts enable vendors to receive payments online. The vendor can use a merchant account to enable credit card payments from anywhere in the world, vastly widening their pool of clientele. As an added benefit, the vendor can continue to receive and process orders while they’re asleep or on vacation, whether or not those orders are from beyond US borders.

  1. Consolidate payment options

As a business, money comes in through checks, credit cards, and cash. Reconciling these various forms of payment can be challenging. If the business is large, it probably has a dedicated finance department to handle this, but for smaller businesses, it can get messy. Vendors needed a unified system to bring everything together, and merchant accounts offer efficient solutions that save both time and money.

Using a merchant account to receive online credit cards and in-person credit cards is convenient. All processing is undertaken on the vendor’s behalf and all payments are deposited into a single account.

Outsourcing this key labor-intensive task allows vendors to focus on gaining new customers and improving their products and services. The finance team can stick to essential tasks like payroll, asset acquisition, and fiscal expansion, enhancing the business as a whole.

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