Three Easy Ways for Your Business to Give Back 

Often times in business, it can start to be all about the numbers, but sometimes it’s important to open up and give something back to the community that made it all possible. Whether you are self-employed, or a small business owner, the holiday season is the perfect time to make that connection with your community, give back and spread the Christmas cheer. Here are three ways that you can say thank you to the people that made it all possible.

  1. Become a mentor

Mentoring is one of the most satisfying activities for a business owner, and it’s especially sought after these days. Due to limited budgets and the increasing demand we place on our schools, sometimes it is difficult for schools to bring in speakers or promote extracurricular activities. Kids always need mentors, and these days are perhaps when they need them the most.

This is one area where you and your business can make a great impact. Draw upon your experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, and help these kids understand what it takes, what it’s about, the pitfalls and the peaks of running your own business. Many questions regarding finances, hobbies, education and other topics can be answered.

Mentoring programs do not have to target kids exclusively. Adults, whether in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or even older, might have questions regarding business. They might want to start a business of their own, or would like to know how to receive financing and so on. The local chamber of commerce, SCORE chapter, or trade organization can help you connect with these individuals.

  1. Give out sponsorships

There are many ways in which sponsorships can help a local community. You can sponsor a little league team, a big sporting event, a public television station, a concert or a variety of other activities. Sponsorships are particularly important in today’s economic climate and they can rejuvenate a community, helping strengthen its core. They are also excellent for building your business’ image. Your brand will be attached to a positive activity, which can lead to increased sales down the line.

  1. Support a charity

You can set up recurring payments to a charitable foundation through ACH. The payments will go out regularly, whether fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly, and they can be set as a fixed amount each month, or as a percentage of your profits. Charitable payments are also often tax deductible, which means that you stand to potentially benefit somewhat as well.

The holiday season is a perfect time for gifts, and karma always finds its way back to the people handing them out. Join in on the holiday spirit and use your business to give something back this Christmas.

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