Theater Companies Connect with their Audience with Credit Card Processing

While some of today’s big stars were ‘discovered’ by accident, there are others who went to drama school. So for them, theater work is simply a return to their roots. It’s also a completely different experience for them – the immediacy of a tangible audience and no retakes. It polishes their craft, because unlike TV or film where they have sound editors and stunt teams, stage performers generally do their own stunts–and their own singing and dancing.

The business side of things

Performers don’t always think about the costs that go into production. If they’re a big name, they may have a negotiated fee in their contract, while smaller names may agree to take union minimums. Because of these and other expenses, accepting credit card payments can be crucial to a theater’s cash-flow. Allowing audience members to book the show online in advance gives a clear audience count. These numbers can be helpful for planning and set-up. But even for customers who choose to pay on the day, card payments are much safer and more secure than cash. Cash can be stolen, either by a violent robber, or by an employee with their hand in the till.

Speed up your waiting time

With card payments, customers can swipe their cards on a keypad, pay using an app on your smartphone or tablet, or they can pay online. The right option for you can be enabled by your payment processor. And if you get the right merchant account, your customers’ cards will be verified instantly. This leads to shorter lines, calmer moods, and an audience that’s more receptive to the show.

As a stage production company, you’d prefer patrons to attend all tour shows not just the ones with Hollywood stars. So consider issuing loyalty cards, which is an option available from some credit card processors. Offer the audience discounts and exclusive screenings each time they pay by card. Make them part of a special club and you can virtually guarantee a healthy audience for each show. If they opt in, you can then send them newsletters and show updates.

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