The Two Things Your Online Store Must Have

You may be scrambling to create an online store to increase your business during the COVID-19 quarantine. Since your card swipe machine is of limited use without many face-to-face transactions, it’s vital to have other ways of processing transactions. This means creating or refining your business’s website with an online merchant account.

Not all online stores are made equal, however. Some websites neglect to include basic features that are extremely important to their success and maintain credibility with their customers. These things are simpler than many people realize.

Credit card logos

Many people have seen credit card logos on other store websites without knowing their importance. Those icons that show major card brands, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or other major credit cards and payment methods accepted by the website have a double purpose. The first may be more obvious: they tell customers which payment methods are accepted on the website. This is enormously valuable, as many customers do not have the patience or persistence to get all the way up to the checkout process without any assurance that they will be able to pay for the goods they are selecting.

What may be less obvious, yet possibly even more important, is the psychological effect of seeing these logos. People associate these logos with official sites and security. They believe their payments are safer when they see these logos. They know that not just any company is permitted to accept these forms of payment, and that your company has their seal of approval.

Shopping cart

A free shopping cart is another feature that people who visit online stores think is automatic but may not occur to everyone who creates a website. As organizational tools for your customers to manage their purchases, input coupons, select payment types, and all the other modern conveniences that come with online stores in 2020, a shopping cart is a necessity.

Make sure that your vendor includes a shopping cart at no extra charge when they create your online merchant account. Since the majority of your purchases may occur online for at least a while, these features should not be neglected.

The Takeaway

These two features may seem automatic, but credit card logos and a shopping cart are necessary additions to your website’s storefront. During the COVID-19 lockdown when customer traffic has largely moved online, an online store that produces feelings of security and credibility for modern users will be far more likely to succeed than one that does not.

Communicate with your online vendor to make sure that these features are included in your website package. They can also be customized for your store to make your website stand out as well as give your customers an experience customized for convenience.

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