The One Feature Every Online Store Should Have

As a business relying on online transactions during the COVID-19 lockdown, you may be concerned about the technology on your website that you use for accepting credit cards online. You may not even have an online merchant account provider yet, in which case your business may be suffering from the lack of face-to-face interactions and your limited ability to accept payments online.

To start accepting credit cards online and use the technology to improve your business, you need to know the features of a good payment processor that will make your website effective. Small things like placing pictures of the credit card logos on your site and supplying shopping carts for your customers may not seem like a big deal, but they can have an enormous impact on your website’s sales when accepting credit cards online. This is not only important to optimize during the COVID-19 lockdown, but will remail important as the restrictions lift and people expect more online options from their businesses of choice.

Why are credit card logos so important?

We’ve all seen the credit card logos on websites before. They’re just little pictures that display the available card payment options on the site, usually in the form of logos for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or perhaps other major card brands offered by the business. Why are they so important?

One of the reasons you need to make sure your online merchant account provides these credit card logos for your website is that you’ve seen them so many times. You’ve seen them so many times, in fact, that they now symbolize credibility for most shoppers. When they see these credit card logos, they are not only being informed about the payment types you accept on your site but are also being given the impression that their payments will be processed securely.

Accepting credit cards online can lead your customers to worry about your security measures. Credit card logos on the site give them peace of mind by symbolizing professionalism and security. This is true of your shopping cart functionality as well, which nearly all online retailers use. Work with your online merchant account provider to customize the shopping cart so that customers can shop at your store more conveniently.

The Takeaway

Accepting credit cards online is the first step towards turning your online business component into a full-blown strategy for propelling your business into the 2020s and beyond. When you open an internet merchant account, you need to make sure that your provider will provide basic features like credit card logos and shopping carts at no extra charge to make your website appear professional and secure.

Knowing how people think of this relationship can help you customize your payment processor to best suit your users’ preferences. Since online payment processing options are more important now than ever and are projected to increase in importance in the coming months and years, making these decisions on payment options can be vital to your business’s success during the coronavirus quarantine and beyond.

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