The Link between Apple and MasterCard

If you already own an iPhone, you may sign up for an Apple Credit Card simply because it’s an Apple Credit Card without needing any more convincing. Still, here’s how Apple claims it beats out other cards:

  • It’s owned by Apple, so it has all of Apple’s security measures.
  • With the physical titanium version, your card number and CVC do not appear on the card. That lowers chances of identity theft, skimming, or phishing.
  • You can use the card directly through your wallet app, so you don’t necessarily need a physical titanium card to use it with many merchants.
  • Customer Care is easy. Text your query to Apple, and you’ll get a quick response.
  • Instead of loyalty points, you can earn between 1% and 3% cash back every day. It goes straight into your Apple Pay account so you can use it immediately.
  • You can monitor transactions by day, week, month, and even find the exact spot on the map where you made your purchase, in case you don’t remember it.
  • The Apple Card has no fees and interest repayment is easily monitored.

So if you have an iPhone and you already use Apple Pay, your decision may seem obvious. But what happens when you need to use your Apple Card outside the iPhone network?

Connecting with MasterCard

Most credit cards are linked to banks, but there are also independent credit card providers like Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. Apple Pay processes its payments using the MasterCard network. So if you’re buying from a store or website that doesn’t recognize Apple Pay but accepts MasterCard, you can still use your Apple Credit Card.

The Safari Web browser will auto-fill your Apple Card number in a secure, encrypted way. This means your payment will go through and fraudsters can’t intercept the transaction or harvest your details. The same happens if you swipe your Titanium Apple Credit Card through a MasterCard electronic keypad. Your card has no visible numbers, but MasterCard can safely read your data.

Also, your Titanium Apple Credit Card is partnered with Goldman Sachs, rather than being linked to your local bank. It’s the first ever consumer credit card that Goldman Sachs has offered, so they’ve allowed Apple to take the lead. That’s one reason why your Apple Card has all those extra features, like daily cashback and payment prompts that lower your interest. And you can apply right in your Wallet App.

Pay anywhere with Apple and MasterCard

This partnership between MasterCard, Goldman Sachs, and Apple means you can use your card in any location that accepts MasterCard, even if the store has never heard of Apple Pay. That means that if you are a credit card merchant who accepts MasterCard already, then you don’t have to do anything, and you can start accepting the Apple Credit Card already.

For more information on accepting the new Apple Credit Card, or to sign up for a merchant account so that you can start accepting the Apple Credit Card from your customers–along with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express–please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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