The Best Merchant Services for Restaurants

Not so long ago, in an effort to avoid merchant fees, retailers would offer a discount to customers who paid with cash. It was a convoluted way to recoup merchant service fees from credit card users.

It was a psychological error that backfired on those merchants who tried it. Customers took their business elsewhere where they were not penalized for using a credit card.

More Than Just the Cost of Doing Business.

A restaurant that chooses not to accept credit cards in today’s marketplace may as well hang up the “closed” sign.  There is no good reason to decline participation in the practice and every reason to get on board.

  • Accepting credit card payments does carry fees. However, providing the service will attract more customers and keep your regulars coming back. Accepting credit cards via a merchant credit card processing service is a necessary business practice for all restaurants. Like all business expenses, it is tax deductible.
  • There is plenty of proof that we have become the predicted cashless society. We used to keep a little cash in our pocket for the vending machine or the Dairy Queen drive through. However, we do not even need that anymore because we can swipe our card everywhere, even the car wash.
  • can get your business set up to receive credit card payments quickly. If your restaurant already accepts credit cards, compare your rates to It is likely you will find the switch is worth it, and there are no set-up fees.
  • Accepting paper checks as payment is not a secure option for you or your customer.  When you receive a credit card payment you know instantly the payment is good. With as your merchant service, you and your customer both benefit from a secure transaction.
  • The use of charge cards is easier on your wait staff and more efficient. There is no chasing from table to register to table. has wireless hand-held units that could, under some circumstances, simplify accepting payment by credit card. The transaction could be completed tableside.

Simplified Credit Card Processing for Restaurant Owners.

Restaurants accept credit cards because the convenience attracts customers. rewards restaurant owners with an easy to get credit card processing merchant account.

  • does not charge an application fee so right away you save upwards of $200.00.
  • Your credit rating does not have to be perfect to get approved for merchant services. They know your business will become more profitable when you can accept credit card payments.
  • Credit card processing terminals along with the software is free from You will be saving upwards of $300 over what others may charge.
  • Most merchant services charge a set-up fee so you can use their services. does not do that. They want you to learn the program and to use it.
  •’s rates are as low as 0.25% and offers the best rates in the industry. A busy restaurant will swipe scores of credit cards each day. Do the math and figure how much your business will save at this lower rate.

Compared to rates and fees charged by the competition,’s merchant services for credit card processing are a better choice for your restaurant business. The around-the-clock support is a bonus.  Sign up with now to get started.

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