The Best Credit Card Swipe Machine for Business

Credit card swipe machines are a staple of any modern business. They are common sights at restaurants, clinics, thrift stores, and any other modern business.

Those businesses that have never gotten a credit card swipe machine or need an upgrade to their current swipe machine may appreciate a little help understanding what makes one better than another. This brief guide goes over how ease of use, security features, and price factor into a decision to obtain a new credit card swipe machine from an internet merchant account provider. These are companies that give businesses the tools they need to accept customers’ cards.

1.    Ease of use

Not all credit card swipe machines are easy to use – some have so many features that they require training to operate. It could be detrimental to businesses to keep customers waiting while cashiers fiddle with unintuitive swipe machines, especially if you have a large team of sales associates.

What does an easy credit card swipe machine look like? The price input should be clear and easy for your associates to enter, and the machine should have a custom input option. There should be options for all types of cards as well, including compatibility for swipe and chip payments.

Bulky credit card swipe machines may be a hassle so it’s also important to find one that’s small enough to move around.

2.    Security

Payment security has a huge impact on modern businesses. Failing to have basic security features outlined by payment card industry (PCI) guidelines can lead to financial penalties. Credit card fraud or identity theft resulting from a business’s lack of security features can lead to chargebacks, legal liability, or even fines.

To protect a vital internet merchant account from the legal and financial pressures of hacking or fraud, a credit card swipe machine with the appropriate security features is a must.

3.    Cost

Affordable hardware is essential when choosing an internet merchant account provider to supply a business with a credit card swipe machine. The initial cost of the hardware and installation is not the only consideration, however.

Many merchant account providers offer trial periods and warranties, which factor into the true price of upgrading your hardware by giving you more options. Businesses also need to consider their contracts with internet merchant account providers, which can include compliance, retrieval, application, and chargeback fees.

Even better, if you select the right merchant account provider, you can receive a credit card swipe machine for no additional cost at all!

The Takeaway

Not all credit card swipe machines are made equal. The right internet merchant account provider can connect businesses with services that are easy to use, have appropriate security features for 2020 businesses, and cost nothing additional at all.

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