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The 2 Things Internet Merchants Need on Their Website in 2020

Retailers that want to accept debit and credit card payments online in 2020 (and what retailer doesn’t?) will need an internet merchant account first. This gives them access to a bank account service that conducts transactions through a payment processor.

An internet merchant account is particularly essential for businesses in 2020 because of the difficulty in conducting face-to-face transactions during the quarantine. Even if your business is open to the public, many of your potential customers are staying home and ordering online until they feel that it is safe to go outside for non-essential trips. Even after the lockdown is over, economists believe that customers will continue to take advantage of the online transaction options to which they’ll have become accustomed. This will bring some sites higher volume than ever before, but only if they are positioned to conduct online transactions with their customers.

Here are two simple–but often overlooked–things that internet merchants can do to make sure their online store has a better chance of success.

1.    Card logos

Card logos are seen on the sites of top online retailers, even though their importance may not be immediately apparent. In addition to communicating to customers which payment methods are accepted on the site, they also make those sites appear more credible and legitimate to consumers.

Customers automatically associate card logos with secure transactions. They know that not every business can be approved to accept credit cards. When a company that has been approved to accept credit cards, that means that a payment processor has determined that it is a real, legitimate business that won’t just take their money and disappear into the night with their payment.

Telling customers which payment methods are valid is important, but the appearance of security and legitimacy will do even more to help online retailers run successful eCommerce businesses in 2020.

2.    Shopping carts

It is critical for ecommerce sites to include shopping cart software if they plan on providing secure means for customers to pay for products and services on their store. Some online merchant account providers provide this software for free. Shopping cart software is essential for any website that plans on conducting transactions through its store using an online merchant account.

The Takeaway

2020 is likely to continue to put a strain on online retailers by making online merchant accounts a more significant access point for customers to buy their goods and services. Credit card swipe machines and conventional POS systems may not be enough as people adjust to the quarantine by expecting more online transaction options now and in the future.

This is why online merchant account services should provide retailers with the basics that make their site capable of handling high volumes of transactions as well as appearing secure and professional. Card logos displayed on the site are informative and boost credibility while shopping carts add functionality.

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