Take Your Credit Card Reader Everywhere You Go

Some people say you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure, but that’s often the most effective way to work. For example, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t carry your business cards on your family vacation. You never know when you’ll get the chance to do some schmoozing. On the other hand, if you’re travelling specifically for business, or if you’re a door-to-door salesperson, you need more than your business card. You need an e-wallet.

A virtual method of receiving payments is safer and lighter. After all, you can’t carry wads of cash through airport security, and you don’t want to drive around in an armored truck all day. Credit card payments allow you to avoid the drama, but that means that you need a card reader on your person at all times. The most conventional option is a portable card reader. It’s smaller than a cashier’s till, but it’s still pretty bulky and will definitely strain your hand luggage.

Portable card readers

You could put it with your cargo, but what if you strike up a conversation on the plane, train, or bus that converts into a sale? You want your card reader in your little bag at all times, just in case. Portable card readers don’t have to be a stressor. Many merchant processors sometimes them as a free sales tool, so it may not cost you extra. Your payment processor can program it to accept multiple credit card brands, and some processors offer this as a free service too.

Mobile phone apps

There’s an easier option though – mobile apps. These can be easily installed on your mobile phone. They have all the features needed to facilitate payment.

Your phone is always with you, and mobile apps don’t interfere with regular phone usage. Some merchant processors offer these apps as a free add-on. They’re compatible with most popular smartphone models. The third option is to open the web store tab on the customer’s smartphone, laptop or tablet, but that’s much more cumbersome, of course.

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