Stay at the Top of your Game with Credit Card Processing for Tennis Clubs

Tennis was once considered a somewhat snobbish game. Everyone was ridiculously polite and players could only wear white. In the past few decades, the game has opened up. It’s not just loose shorts and demure skirts. Now you can see bright pinks and purples on the court.

Representation matters

And apart from Europeans (Federer, Murray, Kournikova, Becker), we have a good number of US players too. They follow the spirited style of icons like Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick. As for the ladies, we had Monica Seles and Lindsay Davenport paving the way for today’s stars, jewels like Sloane Stephens and the Williams sisters.

And the current world Number 1 has Haitian and Japanese roots (though she does hold dual American citizenship). So clearly, tennis has diversified, and so has its fan base. In the past, ordinary kids might not have had access to tennis. But the power of media and role models has literally changed the game.

It created curiosity and demand, which tennis clubs arose to meet. People of all ages who are tennis-curious no longer have to schmooze their way into exclusive country clubs. They can simply join a tennis club, or pay for basic lessons.

Playing for pleasure

Those who intend to go pro (or join official rankings and make some money out of tennis) have to start training at a young age. Some of today’s tennis stars grabbed their first racket before they could walk. And in the tennis space, players ranked in the top 100 can earn a decent living even if we may not know their names. They play paid fixtures and receive endorsement deals.

Most tennis (playing) fans are just happy to bounce around the court for a few hours a week. Credit card processing is helpful for this kind of player. They can automate their monthly subscription, or swipe their card for an impromptu session. They might play with a partner or practice with a ball machine, flashing said card when they need an extra set of tennis balls.

So to enable players who’ve had a bad day and want to let off some steam pounding balls across the court, make sure you let them pay you, even if they’ve left their cash in their locker. Sign up with a payment processor that also lets players processes credit card payments through mobile apps.

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