Smart Resolutions for Small Businesses

New Year’s resolutions are typically about losing weight or quitting smoking, but you can also have New Year’s resolutions for your small business. What do you want your business to look like in a year from now? This article will discuss some smart resolutions your small business can make for the new year.

  1. “I will manage my cash flow more effectively.”

Cash flow can be a nebulous variable in a business sometimes, with many owners struggling with drastic ebbs and flows when it comes to finance. You may have had problems in creating enough capital that you can invest back into the business, or you may not understand your daily finances as well as you’d like. This New Year’s resolution is a commitment to fixing these issues and learning more about cash flow management.

  1. “I will improve my digital presence.”

Today, the internet is everything, or at least a big part of it. If your online presence is not up to date, this is a great resolution. Commit yourself to updating your website, making your online presence mobile-friendly, creating a marketing list, or expanding your marketing efforts into the online realm.

  1. “I will expand my online presence into social media.”

If you are already online and doing a decent job at marketing your business on the internet, you might want to consider expanding into the social media realm. This could mean developing a blog for your website, joining the major social media platforms, developing a content strategy, and/or hiring a community manager.

  1. “I will open up a merchant account.”

A merchant account will allow you to start accepting credit and debit cards, and give you access to a variety of payment processing options that can help your business grow. By accepting credit cards, you can grow your customer base and their engagement with your products or services.

  1. “I will be more productive.”

This is not a direct resolution targeting your business, but if you, the business owner, become more productive, the business will benefit. Consider cutting down on personal social media use, distractions, procrastination, and delays, in order to give your business that extra boost of brain power and energy that will allow it to thrive.

  1. “I will have a bigger team and delegate more.”

On the flipside, if you find that you work too much, it might be time to bring some people on board and start delegating. As the business owner, you need to have some time to think about the path ahead of you, your goals, and the strategy you need to get the most out of your business. Building a bigger team of capable people, and learning to delegate work effectively, will free up your time and allow you to better build your business.

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