Should my Coffee Shop Accept Credit Card Payments?

Coffee shops aren’t always used just for coffee. Instead, they may become social hubs and meet-up spaces that just happen to serve a bit of java. So your regular clientele could be locals that order a single large mug then hang around for a few hours. You probably don’t mind – it’s all part of the café ambience, and it gives your shop a good vibe.

Ideally, you have a staple of customers that at least meets your running expenses. Maybe you serve snacks to nearby offices, or you have a paying lunchtime crowd. Either way, if you subsist on small to-go coffees worth $10 or less, it may not seem worth the hassle to accept credit cards.

Convenient service all round

Accepting credit cards can significantly increase your sales volume. Many of us feel awkward paying a few dollars by card, so as we pay for that $3 coffee, we’ll throw in some chocolate chip cookies or some toasted pastries, edging the bill upwards to a more reasonable figure.

This works out even better for sip-and-go customers, because your enticing glass display can give them all sorts of last-minute snacking temptations. If they came in with five dollars in cash, you’ve lost the sale. But with a credit card, they may impulsively buy snack after snack. This could drastically raise your daily revenues, so it’s worth considering.

But what about the hassle? In truth, there isn’t any. If you sign up with the right merchant processor, your small coffee shop could be accepting card payments within one business day. Do your research and find a payment processor that approves applications quickly, and doesn’t charge you to apply.

Easy scaling options

They’re set up in ways that can cover small businesses or massive franchises with the same level of ease. When customers pay by card, their cash hits your bank in 24 to 72 hours, which helps with reconciliation as well.

For more information on whether your coffee shop should accept credit card payments, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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