Should I Still Accept Checks as a Payment Option?

Yes, accepting checks as a payment option is still a good idea for most businesses. You opened your merchant account so your business could accept payment by credit card. Without that ability, your business can’t stay competitive in today’s business environment. Accepting credit cards typically increases revenues from 50% up to 500%, so it’s a must for doing business online. A large and growing number of brick-and-mortar stores and businesses also have an online presence from which their customers can buy. That step alone can drastically increase your business growth because the world becomes your marketplace. Accepting credit cards does not preclude the use of older forms of payment, like checks or even cash. You will still accept cash at face-to-face transactions. The point is to increase the payment options to attract more customers.

Are checks still important?

Using paper checks as payment is more familiar for some people; particularly for some older adults. When you add the ability to accept eChecks to your merchant account, you don’t even have to wait for a mailed check. The amount of the check is directly deposited into your checking account. Moving forward with new technology for fast secure payment shouldn’t mean leaving anyone who uses older payment methods behind. Paying by check does not mean you have to be face-to-face with the customer. They can give you their checking account information through a secure online payment portal or tell you over the phone.

Your small business can accept more than one payment option

As new forms of payment become common, It’s wise to be ready to accept those payments without eliminating any others. It’s also important to choose your merchant account provider carefully. Some charge application fees, equipment fees, set up fees, annual fees, and all kinds of hidden fees. Why pay so much when you don’t have to? It’s also important to be able to count on support from your merchant account. Look for top-rated, long-established merchant account providers with no upfront fees and low transaction fees. Your credit card and check payments will be secure and in your bank account. Don’t leave any would-be customers behind by being selective about the type of payment your business will accept. You want to accept them all so that your business can grow as quickly as possible.  Speak to a representative at if you have any queries.

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