Should I Have a Merchant Account for My Taxi Service?

When you run a taxi service, you may see how great a merchant account can be for your customers. It allows you to accept payments from a debit card or credit card. This can help to increase your income, as many customers will not have the cash on hand to provide you with payment. Customers love the option of using their card when they make a payment and often tip better when they use a card rather than cash.

There are two main processing solutions that you can use when you decide to get a merchant account for your taxi service. Some of these include:

Wireless Processing Terminal

There are a variety of machines that will do this for a taxi. All of them will allow you a wireless way to process the credit card payments from your customers. No matter what you’re looking for, there are options available for you, and you can find the one that will work the best for your business.

Use a Phone

While a wireless processing terminal is a good option to work with, some drivers find that it is more convenient to work with your smartphone. You can get everything set up in order to accept payments from the customers right on your smartphone ort internet-connected tablet.

When you go mobile with your payments and take debit and credit cards from your passengers, you can do this all in one place. And since your phone is already with you in the cab, it is going to be easy to handle.

If you operate a whole fleet of taxicabs out of your office, there are solutions for you. The right merchant account provider will handle all of your needs while keeping the fees to a minimum.

To find out more information about getting a merchant account for your taxi service  or to sign up for a merchant account now, you can visit or call (888) 924-2743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, can help your business succeed and grow.

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