Should I Accept E-checks For My Business?

One of the most common excuses for late payments is, ‘The check is in the mail.’ Nevertheless, many businesses still accept payments by check because it’s convenient for their customers. If you run one of those businesses, then you probably have measures in place to avoid bounced payments and fraudulent activities. Now there’s another option – the electronic check.

While this saves the trees and is good for the environment, there are other issues. For one thing, an e-check can clear in as little as a day. So, should you be taking them from customers?


Ideal for regular payments

E-checks have been in use longer than one might think. They’re the most common method for paying salaries and wages, so if you’ve ever received or paid weekly and monthly earnings directly to your bank, it probably passed through the ACH network, which means it was a kind of e-check. The difference now is that individual customers are using them.

Corporate e-checks are pushed in bulk, while customer-based e-checks are used for a single payment. Processing an e-check is easier for your customers, because it requires no additional action on your customer’s part.

You’ll follow your own financial calendar rather than theirs, making it easier to manage your funds. You can accept just e-checks or you can combine them with credit card acceptance.  Just find a merchant processor that covers e-checks as well, to make the process stress-free.

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