Satisfy your customers and rake in the dough

How to make the payment process a breeze

Business is not only about profiting financially but also knowing that your customers are fully satisfied with your products or services. Having an e-commerce business affords them the luxury of shopping remotely and saving time, money and energy. By expediting the shopping process and making it easier for your customers you can profit while you sleep. Us here at know the importance of having a merchant account and the many benefits that accompanies it. We’ve compiled a list of the top five (5) ways to satisfy your customers and make shopping a breeze all while increasing your bottom line.

  1. Your Website: Invest in a professional, well written and easy to navigate website. This is your introduction to all visitors and like all introductions; you want to leave a lasting impression. During the checkout process, be sure to have a great e-commerce solution that is not only easy to understand but one that is ‘fee-friendly’ to you as well. This investment is well worth the time and research put into it.
  2. Customer Support: As we know, there are many ways to provide customer service. You can opt to provide telephone, instant messaging, email or video support. Regardless of what you choose it should be easily accessible and available to your customers when they need it. Be sure that whenever customers try to contact your company for assistance they are greeted promptly, don’t place them on hold for long periods of time. Customers always favor good support and making their way back to shop with your company again is almost certain.
  3. Payment: Accepting credit cards online is not only a smart move but it also keeps you in the race against your competitors. As time goes on and technology improves, knowing what your competitors are doing is a necessity. Not processing credit card orders allows room for lost profits. In todays business world a huge percentage of online merchants opt to utilize this tool as it is a quicker and easier way to get paid.
  4. Knowing your customer: Take into account what your customers want. Allowing them to voice their opinions shows them that they matter. Make all of your customers feel as if they are your only. Ask the right questions and take a survey of what they want and how you can improve. Although you cannot please everyone, trying never hurt.
  5. The Perfect Products Page: Your products page should be descriptive, organized and concise. If possible have professional, high-resolution images to display what you are offering. People like to see what they are purchasing so add images for an extra boost. Having a good Products Page makes it less cumbersome to a customer wanting to make a quick purchase. Having a difficult to navigate page can result in a lost sale.

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