Roof Repair Businesses Keep Dry with Credit Card Processing

If you haven’t already moved to accepting credit or debit card payments for your roof repair business, isn’t it time you did? Though people have transitioned to making card payments for most things, paying contractors like plumbers, electricians, roofers, and gardeners is one sector where check payments still seem to be hanging on. This seems to be because a lot of independent, small business owners haven’t themselves changed the way they accept payments.

Advantages of Accepting Card Payments

Providing your clients with credit or debit card payment facilities can boost your business, keep you competitive and build your brand. It gives you better control and money management benefits while streamlining your accounting processes. Cash flow and forecasting are much more efficient with an integrated card payment system. More importantly academic studies have proven that credit card users are statistically more likely to buy, and statistically more likely to spend more money than customers who can only pay with cash. That’s just one reason why studies have confirmed that accepting credit cards can increase a business’s sales by 500% or more.

On the other hand, payment by check involves the risks of bad checks and longer processing times at your bank.

Customer satisfaction is much higher when you offer the convenience of mobile credit card processing. Today’s customers have a very high exposure to making such payments, and they welcome the ease, safety and convenience. This also means lots more returning customers and loyalty. This gives them the feeling that you value their convenience and want to give them a better customer experience.

Roofing and home improvement projects could take a long time to complete. You can request staggered payments from your customers via card payments. You can create a personalized payment schedule to suit the customer’s preferences and budget. They can initiate automated payments at fixed intervals, without either of you having to raise a finger. This can be a more financially viable solution for both of you as compared with collecting at the end of the whole project.

Credit/debit card payments are easy to track and there is a clear paper trail of payment history available to you and your customer. Chances of missed payments, or disputes are reduced.

Select a supportive card processing company that has experience with and exposure to small businesses like yours and can offer affordable terms.

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