Do You Have the Right Credit Card Machine?

Your method of receiving payments is one of the most important parts of your business. Nowadays, credit cards are the preferred payment method, because of their convenience and ubiquity. For customers, it gives them an option to buy items and pay for services, even when they don’t have money. They can buy now and pay later.

Credit cards also allow customers to pay for items remotely, through online transactions or phone-based purchases. You need a way to receive funds from all the kinds of customers. This might mean you need different card readers for varying scenarios. Alternatively, you can find a merchant processor whose services cover multiple payment solutions.

Stationary vs portable card readers

If your business has a physical store, you can install cashiers’ tills that have card readers attached. This way, your customers can swipe their cards as the cashier tallies their bills. You can even offer self-service terminals where customers can swipe their own cards. This gives them autonomy, and they may feel safer since their cards never leave their hands.

On the other hand, portable card readers are essential in the hospitality industry. Restaurants and eateries need an electronic card machine that servers can carry to the patrons’ table. Portable terminals can also be used for product delivery, or for plumbers, landscapers, delivery men, and or anyone that has to go to a customer’s home, a trade show, or any other location away from your place of business.

Card readers on mobile devices

Another option for portable card readers is the mobile app. It can easily be downloaded onto a tablet or mobile phone, and uses mobile data for its Internet access. The advantage of payment apps is they don’t occupy extra physical space. They can be downloaded onto the phone or tablet that you already have, and may also use a card reader that you can plug into your phone.

Top security at low costs

For additional security, some mobile card readers require the customer to sign or input their PIN after the card reader collects their payment data. Instant verification also enhances security. Within seconds, the transaction is confirmed and the cash is transferred. This minimizes the window where your customer’s data might be intercepted.

When you’re looking for a supplier of credit card machines, look for a merchant processor that is versatile. They offer card readers for physical shops, portable devices, and mobile apps, all at no extra cost.  They also have the best rates for processing your customers’ cards, boosting your profits. Finally, they send your money to your bank account in 24 to 72 hours.

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