Oregon Merchants Grow by Accepting Credit Cards

Oregon has long been the overlooked gem of the West Coast. Sandwiched in between the tech-savvy state of Washington and the golden giant that is California, Oregon might have seemed like just a soggy, mossy, tree-filled playground for adults until a decade and a half ago. Then the massive, technological sprawl of the Bay Area began to travel up the I-5 corridor to merge with ever-industrious Seattle. As more and more people began moving through Oregon, they began to make the decision to move to Oregon. Many technological entrepreneurs have set up shop, and now Silicon Valley has grown to become the Silicon Forest.

Some native Oregonians lament this influx of new people into their state, but they cannot deny that it is bringing a lot of new businesses – and not just those of the technological variety, either. Restaurateurs are moving their dining rooms to Oregon, and new distillers are opening tasting rooms. Milliners and cutlers are investing in physical storefronts. Dancers and actors are also moving there to work in new troupes, along with contractors and electricians coming for the housing boom. Mixed martial artists, yoga instructors, and parkour coaches are moving to Oregon to start new gyms. New boutique hotels are opening every day, new residential complexes are being built, and a multitude of businesses flourish both online and at various physical locations.

While there is much that can turn one’s head about being in Oregon – such as the access to beautiful state parks, great food, and world class soccer – merchants cannot afford to be lax. The lights need to be on, the vendor orders need to be filled, the invoices need to be sent, and the employees need to be paid in order for a business to keep thriving. Accepting credit card payments may be the fastest, most secure way for merchants to get the funds they need to cover their expenses, but finding the right payment processing company is key. Some do not offer the speediest processing, and while they are holding a merchant’s money, they may be deducting hidden fees. When the money is finally deposited in said merchant’s account, it can be far less than what they were expecting. These same processing companies may also charge fees just to apply for membership or for using credit card payment terminals they provide or for the software. 

Oregon business owners can breathe easy, however. With the right merchant account provider taking care of their credit card payment processing, they do not have to worry about lengthy holds being placed on their money, or the deduction of suspicious fees. Select a provider that offers their customers payment processing in real time, so merchants see their money in 24-72 hours, not weeks or longer. And find a provider that does not assess fees for applying or for using their credit card terminals and processing software. Finally, make sure that 24/7/365 technical assistance is included at no additional cost to ensure that everything will be coming up roses.

For more information on accepting credit cards in Oregon, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to Charge.com.

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