Nepal Embraces Credit Card Online Processing

Owning a business in Nepal is really not any different than owning one in the U.S. — you need a great website and secure credit card online processing software. But up until recently, it was hard to find a merchant account provider in Nepal with low rates and incredible customer service. However, has changed that. Our company is now offering merchant account services for businesses in Nepal (as well as other countries around the world). We can help you open a merchant account and start accepting payments through your website today with our global merchant services.

Our website makes it easy for your company to open a merchant account. Start by completing our online application; you will be pleased to know that we don’t charge to process your application. If you’re approved for a merchant account, we will create a merchant account package that meets your needs and budget. For example, if you don’t have software, we can provide you with a choice of free software for small business credit card processing, such as a free internet processing software, web shopping cart, and free online check software.

If you already have your own payment processing software, we can accommodate that, too. is compatible with nearly all online shopping carts and payment processing software.

Opening a merchant account with is worth the investment. We help all types of companies in Nepal and can even help you open a high risk merchant account. To learn more about our products and services, please contact Payment Solutions, Inc.

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