Do I Need a Mobile Website for my Business?

Mobile devices have become nearly ubiquitous in today’s world, which presents businesses with many new marketing, branding and selling opportunities. Mobility also gives businesses owners the unprecedented ability to understand and connect with their customers at a much deeper level.

Even as a small business owner, there are several steps which allow you to tap into a much wider market, the first of which is creating a mobile website. Whether this is an opportunity to expand, or a downright necessity at this point, is up for debate. If a mobile device owner visits your website and finds it unusable, chances are that he will not return once he’s on his PC at home.

If that is not enough to convince you to get a mobile website, keep reading. In this article, we’re going to make the case for the benefits of launching a mobile website.

Reaching the mobile audience

The number of mobile users is growing. Mobile phones are becoming an essential tool to the daily lives of many people, helping them both in doing business and finding leisure. Regular websites can have problems when they are displayed on mobile devices, and as such, the user experience tends to suffer. With a mobile website, you are able to meet the standards of mobile users, and increase the odds of a successful conversion.

Business promotion

A website showcases all of the information a client needs before making a purchase. This includes features and benefits, the unique selling proposition, office address, contact numbers, and email addresses, among others. If a client has any questions or is interested in making a purchase, he can do it on the spot, directly from his phone using features such as “click to call”. You can also detect the location of a user if they access your website through a mobile device, and you can tailor specific offers to customers that are in your area.

Higher Google rankings

Google does give a slight priority to websites that are considered mobile friendly, both for desktop and mobile device users. This is part of Google’s push for a mobile internet, and is meant to serve as an incentive for companies looking to promote their business through SEO. Now, this is not a huge boost, but all things being equal, a mobile-friendly website will rank higher on search engine results.


Given all of the above mentioned points, a business does stand to gain considerably from launching a mobile website. There are many ways to go about this, from creating a separate website, to implementing responsive design into an existing one. Neither of these options needs to be particularly expensive, and most web designers today work with responsive site design.

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