Need a Fast, Secure Method to Receive Payments?

If you are looking for a fast, secure method to receive payments from your customers that is easy and dependable, then credit card processing is your solution. Customers expect to pay with their credit card anywhere and everywhere they shop so, if you expect to compete for your share of the market, credit card payments are a necessity.

When selecting a merchant account provider, the security of your company and your customers’ privacy should be at the top of your priority list. Make sure to work with a registered ISO of a well-established major banking institution. All transactions are protected from threats through the use of military-grade encryption and data protection. Find a payment provider whose reliability has withstood the test of time, year after year, decade after decade.

A Fast Secure Payment Method Means Consistent Cash Flow

You have to keep the money moving if you want to operate your business efficiently. Credit card processing goes a long way to stabilizing cash flow. Within seconds of swiping a customer’s credit card you have confirmation that payment is good, and that sets the wheels in motion for the transfer of funds from the card issuing bank into your account. That’s faster and more secure than paper checks that can take more than a week to completely clear your bank–if they ever even clear at all. It’s practically as fast as cash when you consider time needed for handling to get it into your account–if it gets deposited without a robber holding you up for it or an employee skimming some of it. And your money needs to be deposited in order to use it to pay your overhead expenses in a timely manner. You can’t do that with cash in your pocket and your supplier miles away.

Affordable, Fast and Secure

When you start comparing merchant service accounts you might be surprised by the start-up costs charged by some companies. They sometimes charge hundreds of dollars just to look at your application. They expect you to sign a long-term contract and if you try to cancel they’ll charge a cancellation fee. They charge for card processing equipment and software, technical support fees, and high transaction fees. Instead, work with a merchant account provider that doesn’t believe in upfront costs, because they believe in their service and are confident that you’ll choose to remain without being forced. Work with a merchant account provider that doesn’t ask you to sign a long-term contract, and lets you cancel at any time you choose. Use a merchant account provider that will get you set up, trained, and equipped, and will provide free 24-hour live tech support. You could be processing credit card payments in as little as one business day. It’s fast, secure and with the right merchant account provider, it’s affordable.

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