Moving Your Small Business to a Fully-Integrated Point-of-Sale System

Does Your Small Business Need to Move to a Fully-Integrated Point-of-Sale System, and How Do You Begin? 

Many business owners prefer to start small and scale gradually. It reduces the amount of capital they need to begin, and it buffers them against unmanageable losses. However, just because you’re running a small business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think big. Laying the right foundation will make things easier as your business expands.

Setting up the right systems also keeps your business appearing professional. This endears you to customers and secures your reputation. It makes things run in a smooth, efficient manner that will save you time and money while increasing your profits.

One of the pillars of any business is your payment system. It helps to have multiple ways for your customers to pay you. They might want to use checks, cards, or cash. Some customers may even want to pay using their phones or tablets.

Let your customers buy online

An increasing number of consumers prefer to do their shopping online. If you don’t have a system that allows web payments, you could reduce your sales by a significant percentage. The difficulty is in combining cards, cash, phones, and cheques in one financial system.

Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it seems. You need a physical till for cash, verification systems for checks, an electronic keypad or software for cards, and a secure web platform for online sales. This may seem like a lot, and it is. That’s why you need that integrated payment system.

You don’t have to design this payment system yourself. Just sign up with the right merchant processor. They have systems that facilitate all these payments in a single, easy-to-use platform. This platform can be programmed onto your website and even your mobile phone.

Find the right merchant processor

There are lots of merchant processors on the market, and it might be overwhelming selecting the right one. There are few things you can look out for as you make your decision. If your business is located in the United States, then look for a processor that’s US-based, because they’ll usually be a lot easier to reach in case of emergencies. If the processor offers free after-sales service, that’s even better, since it won’t dent your budget.

In addition to local proximity, the merchant processor should have easy access to customer care and tech support. Since you’re a beginner, you’ll probably have a lot of questions, and it’s reassuring to know you have 24 hour access to help. You want to be sure the platform offers data security for cards and checks. It prevents fraud and reassures customers.

Check whether the merchant processor has high level encryption and is compliant with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. You should also look carefully at their rates. As a small business, you want a processor with minimal fees, as many bonus services as you can get, and no hidden charges.

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